-I’m coming for the snow. What’s the best month to visit in winter?
Traditionally, August is peak season, but thanks to fantastic snow-making technology, conditions in June and July can be ideal for skiing and frolicking in the snow too. If you like sunny days, September is the answer!
-What’s the weather like?
Beautiful – any time of the year! We do experience four distinct seasons. We’re located in an alpine region, so expect cool, crisp air. In January, average daily temperatures can reach up to 33 degrees Celsius, however in July, it can be a chilly minus 6 degress Celsius. Cool evenings can be experienced throughout the year, so it’s wise to rug up, or curl up in front of the fireplace, at night.

Mountain weather can be extremely unpredictable, so we advise walkers to be prepared for all conditions and check weather forecasts before setting out.