• Skiing-Thredbo

    Skiing & Snowboarding

    Thanks to Pender Lea’s privileged location, you have the chance to ski and snowboard on two of Australia’s most popular ski resorts. You’ll be staying just a short 15 minute drive away from Thredbo and an even shorter five minute drive away from the Ski Tube which will transport you to Perisher  in no time.

    Ski School

    Whether you have never seen snow before in your life or you consider yourself to be a pro skier, taking a lesson or two is sure to improve your performance and skills. Each resort offers a professional ski school staffed by qualified ski instructors who are there to help. There are many options to choose from, including group and private lessons, as well as race and powder clinics.

    It’s worth taking the time to go over the options in advance because you can save a lot of money by booking a five day package which includes ski lift tickets and lessons.

    For more information about the Thredbo Ski School, visit the website or call 02 64594 100.
    For more information about the Perisher Ski School, visit the website or call 1300 655811.

    Lift Tickets

    If you want to ride the lifts you’ll be asked to display a valid ski lift ticket which you can pick up on the day or purchase in advance as part of a lesson package from Pender Lea and have them waiting for you upon arrival.

    For more information about ski lift tickets at Thredbo, visit the website or call 02 6594 100.
    For more information about ski lift tickets at Perisher, visit the website or call 1300 655811.

    Kids Skiing

    Skiing for Kids

    A trip to the Snowy Mountains is something the whole family can enjoy and to make things run as smoothly as possible, it’s important that the children enjoy themselves whilst learning to ski or snowboard. That’s why we recommend you book your little ones into a ski school.

    The resorts boast fantastic facilities and programs which have been tailored to get kids confidently racing down the slopes in no time. Children as young as three-years-old can sign up for ski school, but if you have little ones younger than that, there are many great childcare facilities available for babies and toddlers.

    Children can get cold very quickly, so make sure they’re dressed appropriately in warm and protective clothing – this includes a helmet for safety reasons. It’s also a good idea to make a waterproof identification card which they can keep in their pocket in case they become separated from you and get lost. Make sure you include your mobile phone number, details of where you’re staying and your home address on the identification card.

  • Ski & Board Hire

    Ski Hire, Board Hire & Equipment

    Having the right type of equipment can be the difference between a terrible holiday you want to forget and a fantastic holiday you’ll always remember. There is a number of professional ski hire shops throughout the snowy mountains, many of which offer the latest equipment for reasonable rates. It’s recommended that you hire locally because people often need to change equipment or have it adjusted. If you’ve hired everything from back home, you might be stuck with some very painful boots for the duration of your holiday which you can’t change.

    When you arrive at the local ski hire shop, let the assistant know what level of skier you are and within no time they will have fitted you out with everything you’ll need to hit the slopes with confidence.

  • _tube_town_perisher

    Snow Tubing and Tobogganing

    Perisher is one of the few remaining locations in the Snowy Mountains where you can still enjoy tobogganing. Here you’ll find a purpose-built tobogganing area which is perfect for the whole family to enjoy.

    In Tube Town visitors of all ages have the chance to enjoy the thrill of high-speed snow tubing rides as they zoom down the groomed tracks before catching the lift back up to the top and doing it all again. Not only a place to enjoy during the daytime, Tube Town is now equipped with flood lights, so the fun doesn’t have to end come sunset.

    This low-cost activity is the ideal way for first time experience just how fun snow can be and allows you to feel the speed of racing down the slopes without having to go through hours of snowboarding or skiing lessons.

    For more information and details about prices, contact Perisher Guest Services through the website or by calling 1300 655822.

  • snowshoeing-snowymountains

    Snowshoeing in the Snowy Mountains

    For something a bit more slow-paced and relaxed than skiing and snowboarding, how about snow shoeing? This sport is a fantastic alternative for those who don’t relish the thought of hurtling down slopes at break-neck speeds. It’s very easy to learn, a great way to stay fit and relatively inexpensive.

    Escape the crowded slopes and explore the untouched backcountry where you’ll have the time and the opportunity to appreciate the natural beauty of the Australian Alps. Meander through snow-kissed forests, soak up the gorgeous views and breathe in the mountain air – snow shoeing really is an experience not to be missed.

    For more information about snow shoeing, visit the K7 Adventure website or call 0421 862 354.

  • x-country-skiing-snowymountains

    Cross Country Skiing

    Cross country skiing is a fantastic way to explore the Snowy Mountains at a relaxed pace. Begin your journey at the top of Thredbo and get ready to explore the incredible mountain range, or head to Perisher where you can skate and glide along the various Nordic trails.

    If cross country skiing into the wilderness on untouched snow sounds like the perfect adventure for you, visit the Mountain Adventure Centre website for more information or call them on 1800 623459. Alternatively, visit the Wilderness Sports website or call them on 1800 654168.

  • Telemark Skiing Snowy Mountains

    Telemark Skiing

    Telemark skiing, also known as free heel skiing, is a form of downhill skiing using the telemark turn. For a true telemarker, there is nothing more exhilarating than nailing the perfect telemark turn, after all the saying goes “Free the heel and free the soul”.

    If you want to experience the most exhilarating and dynamic ride of your life then you should definitely think about pursuing the art of telemarking.

    To book a lesson with one of the professional Jindabyne-based tour operators, visit
    the Mountain Adventure Centre website or call them on 1800 623459.

    Alternatively, visit the Wilderness Sports website or call them on 1800 654168.